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Let's have conversations about burning through the BS in life and business

I have experienced traumatic events since the age of 4. I knew someone out there needed to know they weren't alone but more importantly, how to burn through it to ignite your passion in life and rise up like a freaking Phoenix!

Please review the following information so we can have the best podcast experience.

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  • Your Space

    • Please make sure you have a quiet space to conduct our recording

    • Have a microphone or earbuds with microphone to ensure great sound quality.

    • I love to record our sessions live as well on Streamyard so feel free to present yourself as dressed up or casual as you want. 

    • I typically suggest putting a note on your door as well  that you are recording so  no one surprises you with a doorbell or knocking on the door.

    • Also if you love recording behind the scenes, feel free to set up your camera to record part of the podcast as well. I only ask that it is short clips so we don't give away the recording details prior to publishing.

  • Media & PR

    • Please send a picture we can use for marketing and posting options. You should be the only person in the photo and it shouldn't have any text or overlays.
    • Include links you want me to share and additional items like your book, blog,podcast,website, etc.
  • Topics of Discussion

    I truly want to create value for the listeners so I typically have set questions I ask and leave a lot of room for off the cuff conversation. Podcast typically runs 30-60 minutes

    PLEASE log on 5 minutes early to ensure we have a good connection.

    Podcast flow

    • Intro

    • How we met or backstory

    • I ask you to tell me about something you have burned through in life and ask questions along the way.

    • I ask you the absolute best piece of advice you have ever received

    • We finish with your info on how people can find you on social, etc.