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Firestarters are the foundation of our business and we hold each other to the highest standards so that our clients will receive our very best. 


We help fan each others flames, offer guidance and resources, hold each other accountable and most of all provide  a support as we collaborate and partner to help business grow.

Continue to read below for details on who we are, who we collaborate with and to inquire about joining our team.


Brandy Hollaway


After 17 years in the Fitness & Wellness Industry, Brandy knew her mission was to help solopreneurs and business professionals own their fire in life and business. Brandy realized that so many passionate people start businesses but have no idea what processes, systems and community are truly needed to succeed. She wanted to help others create a way to build an inferno of success in their brand, their business and their network.

She also founded Girls on Fire in 2018 to help women collaborate and create an inferno of success in life and business, as well as founding The Telewellness Community to create a space for vetted wellness professionals to connect with doctors in order to create healthier communities.



Jen Lownik is an Event Strategist with extensive experience in corporate sales and event management. She has successfully negotiated global recognized travel, hospitality and relationship marketers.


Problem solving, negotiating, and program and conflict management are just a few of her many strengths. Her professional, positive, detail oriented, team player attitude, is an asset to all.

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Staci Moore

Business Strategist & Resource Broker

Providing Connections, Clarity, and Consistent access to the resources you need, and some you don't even KNOW you need, TheOper8tor’s mission is to help get and keep you "in the know".

By using her extensive background in the service industry, gathered from her various roles in customer service, public relations, customer retention, and sales, as well as her education in Behavioral & Social Sciences, Staci uses her gift of relating and maximizing meetup’s to help her clients generate meaningful online and offline relationships, increasing their revenue streams, and book of business!

Jasmin Murphy

Social Media Strategist & DEI Educator

Jasmin helps you find your unique voice and create a message that ensures your authentic gifts are being seen, heard and found! She is highly skilled in social media strategies.

Her passion is in the DEI space as well. Her mission is to create spaces and platforms where EVERYONE feels they can be heard and participate. Jasmin has also been on a weight loss & wellness journey in which she also helps other women learn how to lose weight and modify exercises and foods to fit their needs.

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Dana McBeath

Facebook & Instagram Ads, Email Campaigns

The Facebook + Instagram Ads Strategist ! I help business owners, coaches, and course creators AMPLIFY their reach and make more IMPACT to INCREASE their revenue with ads. I'm here to guide you step by step with proven strategies and tactics that still feel authentic and aligned to you and your business goal

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Photography & Videography

Content creator/photographer & digital marketing strategist in Charlotte, NC partnering small businesses locally & across the globe. Specializes in branding, photography, video marketing, and much more.