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Firestarters are the foundation of our business and we hold each other to the highest standards so that our clients will receive our very best. 


We help fan each others flames, offer guidance and resources, hold each other accountable and most of all provide  a support as we collaborate and partner to help business grow.

Continue to read below for details on who we are, who we collaborate with and to inquire about joining our team.

Brandy Hollaway


After 17 years in the Fitness & Wellness Industry, Brandy knew her mission was to help solopreneurs and business professionals own their fire in life and business. Social media, personal branding and networking were the keys to her success so she wanted to help others create a way to create an inferno of success in their brand, their business and their network.

She also founded Girls on Fire in 2018 to help women collaborate and create an inferno of success in life and business.



Jen Lownik is an Event Strategist with extensive experience in corporate sales and event management. She has successfully negotiated global recognized travel, hospitality and relationship marketers.


Problem solving, negotiating, and program and conflict management are just a few of her many strengths. Her professional, positive, detail oriented, team player attitude, is an asset to all.

Pinterest Team


We can cover all your Pinterest needs from start to finish with our amazing team led by Sarah Ankney.

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