The Followers, the Following and the Followed

January 21, 2019

Do me a favor. Stop reading for a moment and think about everyone you interact with on social media. Your followers. Those you follow. The followed - the influencers, the thought leaders, the writers of wisdom and grace




Even the ones that you secretly take the time to view their posts but never engage.

The ones you feel the need to engage with because of some unwritten law that says you won't be part of the gang if you don't.

The ones that pour their heart and soul out daily or post authentic words that just scares the shit out of you so you stick to the non committal emoji response.

I think it's time to divide the room.

I think it's time to be a follower in support from an authentic place not out of obligation. I think it's time to create a following of people that are adding to an upward movement that contributes to all of us getting to a better place together. I think it's time to stop following the "fake it til you make it" people because it's a disservice to their true self and a waste of your precious time.

This screen we view the world through has become a shield of armor for some to post brave and genuine thoughts but in turn has also created a window for others to steal, devalue and hijack hard work from great thought leaders, authors and motivators. Imposters who could not utter the same words of value and meaning to your face because they have not found the ownership of authenticity and accountability. They can't set the boundaries in their own life so they have no way of respecting ours. So what do you do? You use the space to stay focused and true. You keep writing your genuine words to increase the options for others.

This has become a space to educate and elevate but for some it has become a transparent cover to hide the fear and the doubt of being authentic. The followers you have deserve the truth about you because they are seeking their own validation in a pit of expectations.

So light a fire! Light the way for them to escape the pit and burn through all the false beliefs along the way. The following you create should be built upon servant leadership and the genuine desire to leave the world a better place. The followed should feel some sense of empowerment and send it right back out into the universe. 

And the imposters will be exposed from the light of the inferno that we create. An inferno burning bright from the logs of discipline, self development, professional etiquette, authenticity, and reflection. We can fan each others flames to burn bright without extinguishing those around us. We can ignite the followers, rise from the following and soar with the followed!,

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