If you want leads and business relationships that convert, refer and collaborate, then LinkedIn is the place to be!


We will begin with an audit of your profile, conent, and systems. Let's see what's working and what isn't.

Then we will take a deep dive into your brand and develop strategies that work for you to create an inferno of success!

  • No more resumes, CVs or third person context.
  • Content that resonates with your mission and upholds the integrity of your brand.
  • Learn to create value not drop sales pitches!
  • Position yourself as an authority, a thought leader in your industry. Build relationships that will keep showing an ROI
  • Know your ideal avatar and how to find them, engage with them and create opportunitties for lead gen, referrals, collaborations and more.
  • We will discuss how to "Ditch the Pitch" in your messages and content but still contact leads in their DM as well as creating CTAs without being salesy.
  • Create a system of engagment through sharing content, creating content that gets shared and collaborating on content with others.
  • Create videos that drive up views, enaggment and position you as an influencer and thought leader on LinkedIn.
  • Create banners and additional graphics that look clean and professional to draw your followers.

Once you purchase your sessions, you will receive a link to your course as well as a scheduling request for your 90 minute session with your Coach.


Add our coaching sessions for LinkedIn, Instagram, video creation, apps, etc to create content and grow your audience on social media to drive your conversions in your businesss.


We also offer OnSIte and Online Team Sessions! Contact us for more info!


We do not refund any monies as the value has been established and remitted during the 90 minute calls.


We understand life gets busy but this must be a priority to yield results. Should you have an unforseen issue that truly keeps you from being fully involved we can make a decision to offer credits to client for later redemption.



LinkedIn Audit & Coaching

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