Inferno Academy

No more overwhelming, confusing programs.

We have designed this program to help you and your team level up on social media, branding and networking skills as we literally hold your hand and walk you through the process. You will receive ...

1 on 1 coaching sessions

Video tutorials and webinars

Group sessions

Weekly Live Q&A

Comprehensive Workbook

5 emails a month to ask for additional support

Month 1

Your brand & why someone should work with you

Let's get crystal clear on your brand, your message, your ideal clients and how you can be authentic in the process because people don't care what you know until they know you care!

This includes your workbook, webinars, a 1 on 1 branding strategy session with our team, social media coaching and tutorials, and weekly group sessions to gain valuable insight and feedback.

month 2

Content, Confidence and Consistency

The key with marketing today is to offer more transformation than information.  People can find the information anywhere, let's give them a reason to want to work with you. What problem do you solve, how do you solve it and how will it make them feel?

This is the foundation of your content and we want to ensure you are confident and consistent in relaying that message. Includes 1 on 1 session for content strategy, group sessions, social media coaching and workbook.

month 3

Success Online

& off

Relationship marketing , videos, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube subscriptions, blogs and all the bells and whistles that make our businesses go round! This is the time to create a process, a schedule and accountability. Feeling overwhelmed can lead to burnout so this process is so vital as you build your brand, your business and your network. 1 on 1 session, group sessions, social media coaching and workbook included.

Inferno Group

Facebook Group

You will receive an additional 90 days in our inferno coaching group on Facebook as well for continued support, weekly live calls, webinars , events, etc.

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Catherine D, Life Coach

Brandy is a powerful public speaker and motivator. I was lucky to meet her and Vanessa at a networking event  and was challenged, in a good way, to move out of my comfort zone and access my potential. I was then able to get on a call with Brandy and work with her in a one-on-one strategy session to maximize my marketing action plan and expand my social media platforms. Brandy’s talent as a content strategist made a lasting impact on my business and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to ignite their business.

Dr. Sam, Chiropractor

My wife and I have been blown away by their ability to harness our vision for our business and help us achieve the goals we had written down when we opened, but had no idea how they could be accomplished. They worked closely with my wife, Sara, to enhance our social media presence and add to the benefits we offer our corporate clients. If you want to open your business up to its bones and rediscover your why, 

Robin B, Financial Strategist

It has been a long time since someone has inspired me & I have to say these impressive women have amazed, impressed & reignited my own flame in these short months! Brandy Holloway & her team far exceeded my expectations. Whether new to social media or highly experienced, I highly recommend them! They took me to the next level with phenomenal strategies and coaching on how to improve my social media presence & grow our businesses


Dear solopreneur,

If you feel overloaded with information, then let's burn through the confusion and stress to create a strategy that helps you create an inferno of success! 

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