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Networking Event

Ignite Your Business


Ready to level up your business with
proven systems, processes and strategies?

The Entrepreneur Event Your Business Can Not Afford To Miss!

Can you answer these questions about your business?

Does my branding attract my ideal client?

Is my offer clear and relatable?

Am I missing sales because I do not have

a sales funnel and automations?

Do I have the best operating procedures in

place for my business to scale?

Am I easy to find depending on the preferred

search option for my ideal client?

Am I omnipresent on social media

in a scroll stopping way?

Are there ancillary products or evergreen services I could add to increase cash flow?

Let's spend the day together on December 6th in Atlanta, Ga.

Brandy Hollaway

CEO of The Phoenix Factor

Business Strategist & Consultant

Walking Truthbomb & Mindset Coach

Founder of Telewellness Community

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Staci Moore

AKA The Oper8or

Connecting you to the resources and people that help you level up in life and business.

Founder of Power of 52

Firestarter at The Phoenix Factor

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staci moore 1_edited.jpg

Jasmin Murphy

Social Media Strategist, DEI Consultant

Founder Wellness Brand

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8:30am check in and set up

9am Session 1 with Brandy Hollaway

Are you the ideal partner for your ideal client?

Burning through the setbacks & obstacles daily.

Let's create a customized strategy together.

10:30 am break

10:45am Session with Jasmin Murphy

Social media strategies that work!

Everything is content

12pm lunch

12:30  Session with Staci

Your network really is your networth

Organic lead generation

1:30 Headshots, Videos, Testimonials

Dec 06, 2022, 9:00 AM EST
North Atlanta Location is TBD
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