We ensure that you ...

ignite your brand

burn through challenges and obstacles

rise in confidence and clarity

soar as you create an inferno of success with your business.

We are a coaching, consulting and networking event agency. The Phoenix Factor represents our clients by igniting their fire, their brand and their network.

We offer...
Coaching for solopreneurs and small businesses.


Consulting for event creation, coordination and collaboration to increase exposure and network for businesses.

Group/Team coaching to increase content, clarity and confidence increasing overall social media engagement and conversions.

Let's IGNITE your brand by assessing and reducing competing commitments and learned behaviors that sabotage efforts to lead to abundance.

We have an amazing community that we collaborate with to create strategies, systems, techniques, tools and training to create a strong foundation for your company, staff, clients and community.


Our burning desire is to provide comprehensive coaching and consulting options for solo-preneurs and small businesses. If that's you, then let's ignite your brand, your business and your network.

 We will create the mindset and strategies needed to succeed as a decision maker and business professional. We work with your vision to create strategies for success both personally and professionally.

We are a collaboration of highly experiences professionals ready to help you create an inferno of success in life and business!


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A growth experience, quality content, powerful, awesome, mind blowing, absolutely essential.

Let us help you today!

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Located in Hampton Roads, Virginia offering events and services throughout the mid-atlantic and beyond.

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